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I love this. For various reasons, I have sensitive hearing. In a crowded room I can hear 5 or more separate conversations at once. I often hear things off kilter and making strange noises before other signs of the issue comes to light. I very often go days without speaking. And yet, I always have many dialogues running in my mind. I can sit in complete silence if it is natural sounds. Water is my absolute favorite; waves, waterfalls, rain, rivers, a lake. I love them all. I'm learning to love birds too although I can't tell one bird call from another. I can absolutely live without television, but I could not live without music. I love living in a time where I have access to almost any song in an instant. I carry around playlists as security blankets. I have them for every occasion. I can't write without music playing and I have separate playlists for each project. I love listening to the BBC, always a familiar structure with familiar voices and no commercials with limited news interruptions. I also have an extensive vinyl record collection for when the internet stops working. I have started a running catalogue of sounds that create stillness and activation within me. I am learning to use it as a medicine, to surrender to the sounds I know I need.

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A catalogue of silences sounds like something I would read immediately. I love your version of quiet. This whole thing is almost a poem within itself.

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Oh “The Quiet Place” - unexpectedly terrifying!

I remember friends and a therapist asking if I could (would) just sit in my room for a period of time with no TV, no music, no sound machines - and just be with my thoughts, my immediate answer was “No!” Then I tried it. And my answer was “Nope Nope Nope - not doing this!”

You may have heard the saying

“The silence was deafening.”

Well - it was. Ambient noise combined with the noise of my racing thoughts was a brutal experiment that I rarely practice…even in moments of solitude there is something playing (wave patterns to induce sleep or focus, 50’s cool jazz, soft rock pop hits of the 70’s and 80’s, metal/punk/industrial “noise”, neoclassical drone…)

I have always found hearing (and the mechanisms of) fascinating. Maybe why I went to school for speech language pathology with a focus on Audiology…that is a story for another day - but sound or the absence of it fascinates me.

I know several people who use cochlear implants and I will see them with the device just dangling off their head…when I inquire most say to me “It’s simply TOO MUCH noise” - what I believe they are saying is too much “input” - the brain can only handle and process so much of that at one time before it becomes jumbled up fruit salad of chaos in sound form.

I love these thoughts you pose…

“My favorite sound is sun as it sets”


Before I go - Kauan is amazing!

Discovering new music is a gift 🎁

Thank you for sharing!

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Quiet place was terrifying! One of my favourite horrors. I adore the phrase 'jumbled up fruit salad of chaos' and yes, the brain can only handle so much. Thank you again for the kind words and the attention you give to these things. It means so much.

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