Limericks are a poetry form from the 1700s hidden in folk songs but the form was popularised by Edward Lear. Here is an example of one of his limericks:

Limericks are poems designed for fun. To make people laugh and essentially make really good dick jokes because more often than not, limericks are rude. This doesn't mean they have to be however, as always you can write about whatever but I feel the humourous, light hearted nature is vital. They are only small poems and consist of five lines with a specific rhyme scheme. The limerick rhyme scheme goes AABBA and to make it easier here's a little diagram:

I don't tend to syllable count when writing limericks but there is a somewhat loose rule you can follow if you'd like to. The first, second, and fifth lines must have seven to ten syllables and the third and fourth lines should only have five to seven syllables. All of the poem must have the same verbal rhythm. For example:

Instead of:

'there once was a man from the moon/he collected spoons'

It would flow better like this:

'there once was a man from the moon/who collected all sorts of spoons’

Here is another example:

There was a Young Man from Kent

Whose Rod was so long it bent.

So to save himself trouble

He bent it in double,

And instead of coming – he went!

Take a shot and have some fun!!