24th February 2021


On the way home from work, I pulled in and sat on the roof of my car and looked out into the silence. I inhaled the night and exhaled the ache. And I took in the nothing and turned it into a saviour. When you stare out into this vast space, you can't help but think of all the breath it would take to fill it. Of all this air and how so little finds itself into our bodies. In some stripped down form I am saying I looked out at the world and saw so little of it and it seemed like so much. And it reminds me of these seconds I have been turning into lifetimes. These days I have expected too much of. Putting so much weight into these weeks and demanding my mind to support it. We have so much left to live for. Time is a strange beast and lately I have forgotten to treat it gentle. Lost in the rush, trying to get somewhere without ever considering the destination. There is an art to the living in the now. A bold leap to feel all you are feeling and listen to what your own body is telling you. There is no harm putting a hush to the hurry. No trouble in taking a day. I read this thing a while back that doing nothing for five minutes a day changes your outlook and today I did that. I stared out into the wild and listened to the sounds. Felt the air and found some missing pieces of myself. Then I found something even smaller that YOU can do. Do nothing for two minutes. Play this video and just listen to the sound. Don't scroll, don't read, just breathe and listen and see what clarity you find. I bet you feel better for it, I know I did.

Love yourself fiercely!

Be the fire

and the smoke.

GIF o clock

Now lets shake that fog….

The fog sound

Share Mind Noise by Ash Raymond James