Hello and welcome to Mind Noise. Weekly, I send out a little inspiration or insight into the world from my autistic brain and hope it finds a home in your heart. I write about all things, whether it is ‘how to survive the party: a condensed guide on coping’, ‘how to write a poem about your grief’, or ‘how to convince your friends to go swimming with sharks’. Join me as I peel back the curtain, and please bring a flashlight; I keep forgetting to change my batteries.

Here is the schedule of when and what I post. I hope you choose to hit that subscribe button and be a part of this growing community.

Every Sunday - Writing post (insightful how-to guides, inspirational writing, poetic dives, etc.)

Every Wednesday - The static (A collection of things I have fallen in love with over the last week)

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Insight & inspiration from the autistic mind of award-winning, multi hemisphere slam champion Ash Raymond James


I write insightful and inspirational newsletters and perform poetry. I love spoken word and helping soothe aching hearts.