Without a hitch, without the out and a double scoop of hitch.

19th April 2021


Since the announcement of the name change, strangely many have come to me with a problem that I didn’t know was a problem. Numerous subscribers and free members have messaged me saying the volume of these emails is hefty and they believe it would benefit from being less frequent. So, I drew up a plan because honestly, all I want to do is make sure that you want to be here and want to stay here once you are on board. Making this the best experience for the readers is the most important thing. Before I go and make banners, a new picture and fully rebrand this as a daily thing, I need to know what the majority would prefer. Below is the change I would make. I understand daily is overwhelming to some and with the number of people who have essentially told me, less is more, it is something I have to consider.

I want to ensure I am giving enough. If this was the way forward, the newsletters would likely be longer. If this will help the community grow and get more people involved, I am all for change. If there are things you would like to see involved in either tier that I have missed out, please speak up too. I know it has been a long time of figuring this out but once done, we can move on smoothly. Thank you everybody. Also here are the poll results from IG

Answers we seek

in the mist

of our certainty

A contradiction… or is it?

GIF O Clock

I embrace change so if this is goodbye to the daily newsletter, I am 10000% sure the new weekly set up will be even better. Bring it on.


Hey hey! We're going double on the batman score baby. Pew, pew. This one was by Danny Elfman and I listen to it when I make sandwiches

Let me know about the thing. And let's get this thing OFF THE GROUND