wet socks and wind chill

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Today it rained and then the sun came out and then it left again and then the rain returned and then there was this one moment, there were no clouds to hide behind and the rays and the drops fell together. There are days where you almost feel like you control the weather. Today, was one of those. I am rain and sun all at once. Shaken in a jar and told to run straight. Not all days will be easy and the older I get, the wiser I get on handling the bad ones but there are still some that blind side me, swing in my peripheral vision and land clean. This week will be long, I can feel it. So, do this exercise with me. Grab a blank piece of paper and title it, ‘Reasons this week isn't all wet socks and wind chill.’ Then write one positive sentence a day in a list below it. Here's my beginning:

reasons this week isn't all wet socks and wind chill

  1. We laughed before sunrise and made the sky jealous

  2. We drove through the storm and the destination felt like survival.

By the end you should have a vision of seven good moments and a dope list poem. They can be small, big, silly, serious, smart, dumb, there are no rules other than listing genuine positive moments. Try and do this once a day and if you feel able, share them. Shed some light on this week, bring hush to the negativity. Have the best week you can homies, peace and love.

3x3 the two for one edition

And it rained

through the rays -

an indecisive day.

lines without homes

I started this series on Instagram yesterday but I wanted to give you a preview of what's to come with some back story. This one was a reflection on being lucky enough to have somewhere to call home. I loved the lines and thought they'd become a lot more. How lucky I am to have a home life that stretches beyond tolerable. How lucky that I have a roof. This poem celebrates that. I'll be doing another dive Friday so if you haven't subscribed, there's still time.

gif o clock

Am I right?

songs to make you happy

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