Wednesday, let's pause.

18th November 2020

The joy of going to the seaside when winter is rapidly approaching is that it's quiet and I needed quiet. I needed adventure that was away from the racket of the everyday. Too tired of drowning in the household noise. We are creatures of self-destruction even when we don't mean to be, even when we don't see it. How easy it was to drive to some peaceful place. How hard I made it seem. I feel the answer to the questions we have, isn't always as difficult as it seems. Take a breather today. Listen to your favourite song, read your favourite poem, watch clips of your favourite TV show, take five minutes for yourself and give yourself time to think. At 1000mph, our brains struggle to keep up. Have a good Wednesday Substackers.

Take a moment

to remember exactly

how to breathe

A poem about that household noise I talked about earlier.

See you Friday, everybody! Subscribers see you tomorrow for writing exercise and poetry nerd stuff!