water trance

the hush gets reflective again

The texture of water amazes me. The way the sun catches it and how it dances in shapes. How a simple gust of wind can create such an opposite of stillness that in turn, creates stillness. The way it wraps around our skin and rolls off it, gripping only loosely. I am amazed by it's beauty be it lake surface or puddle. I don't have many certainties in life in terms of guaranteed calm but give me a body of water brave enough to perform and it can tear any level of overwhelm from me. Sundays were once about reflection and today, i want to go back to those roots. Those times where we found calm and looked back. What's your highlight of the week? What's the part you'd call the worst? Remember we must notice the bad but not let it play too heavy on us. And what do you want from the week going forward? Find a place that brings you stillness, be brave and reflect. Then let go and face the new week in front of you. We let stuff sit with us. We compress it. And that isn't healthy. Face it and move on we must.


let's look back

and be gentle.

Look forward, prepared.

gif o clock

Clear those skies

a song i found today

Happy Sunday, homies. May the week be wild but in a calm way.