variants and idiots

the hush gets worldly for sunday

Lately, it feels we cannot escape the bad. Even this far into a pandemic we are still drowning in question marks and wondering if we are safe. Variants and idiots loom making it hard for us to be totally protected. Mother nature is throwing a tantrum probably because of the shit we have given her and it is being felt all over the world. Heatwaves, floods, hurricanes, and much more. Racism and sexism still exist as if they are Olympic sports, social media hounded by keyboard athletes who act as if hatred is the way to a gold medal. I have been walking more as of late. Nature never letting me down as a fire exit for a world that will not stop burning. There are days it is impossible finding any positivity so today I offer some solution. We must not ignore the bad, it must be acknowledged. We can not bubble wrap ourselves from everything that is going bad but there is the other side of the coin where this world is simply overwhelming. The bad bursts at the banks and floods everything good within you. As Sundays are typically the days I suggest reflection, today will be no different. However, today I ask for you to go deeper, further, and think more. Today I say let us reflect further back. Let us not only reflect but also document what has made us happy, what makes us happy, and what part of the future you are excited for. Three lists, three lifelines, three reminders that there is good, there will be good and there was always good. Nothing comes from shying away from the world’s problems because that only adds to the problem but at the same time, there is no shame in feeling like you are drowning in the negativity. We must all breathe, take breaks, and not be scared to say when enough is enough. As much as this world is trying to turn us into machines, our veins are not wiring and our brains are not circuit boards. We are human and there are times we cannot take it. Let me be the first to remind you that this is okay. We are human and we feel stuff. There is nothing wrong with that.


We are humans

yet society demands

we become robots.

gif o clock

this feels fitting

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