Tuesday things for Tuesday

15th December 2020

I am more lover than fighter but I guess that truly depends on what I am fighting for. What I am really saying is, I love all things, even spiders even though they creep me the F out. Let me introduce you all to Jerry. The cat that isn’t mine. He sleeps in our house every day and he is responsible for 34% of my naps. Hatred seems to be sneaking into this world more and more. It sometimes feels as if we are heading in the wrong direction and there is nothing that confuses me more than hatred. Why not love? Why not be kind? Why not find the good instead of constantly expecting the bad and being hellbent on finding it. This is Jerry, he likes ham sometimes and milk always even though it is terrible for his insides. Did you know most cats are lactose intolerant? Well, Jerry doesn’t care. Jerry reminds me how simple life can be and reminds me constantly how important it is, to love. Do you have pets or want pets or have an animal that isn't yours but lives in your house like me? Happy Tuesday.

Tuesday says hello,

the way fire

greets the gasoline.

Tuesday Tracks

This a strange song that almost feels like a demo by a band called The Tuesdays. They lean heavy into that Arctic Monkey sound, maybe too much at times but I still love this track. Give it a spin.

This second one is a proper belter from Bree Tranter. If you don’t know her you should!

Gif of the day

This section is designed to describe how I am feeling. Just imagine Tuesday if the giant evil mermaid lady and you get it.

Enjoy your Tuesday subscribers. Keep fighting.

Share Mind Noise by Ash Raymond James