Tuesday, it's Acrostic

2nd December 2020

Hello Substackers!

Daily 3x3 top hat edition

It's Wednesday so let's do another form poem. This one is one everybody knows but not everybody knows the name. We are going to write Acrostic poems. Acrostic poems spell something using the first letter of each line. You can simply so your name or pretty much any word you feel like. Maybe write one about love or how you're feeling this week, the world is your oyster. You can also get experimental and make the letters the title as I do in my second one below. Or you can create some new rules. Post them in the comments, I always love reading your poems.


All the stars shine for you.

Shimmer and shake, and

Howl above the hilltop.


Donkey rides down by the seaside.

Old books, loved once again.

Pans cradling breakfast on Sundays.

Eyes blessed with unforecast snowfall.

The poem you never knew you needed.

Hunger pains a second into the slaying.

Ink finding a permanent home on your skin.

New book smell under fresh sheets.

Ghost sounds haunting the stereo

Silence after bathing in a bed of noise.

Have a fantastic day everybody! Hope you're well.

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