Too many atoms

28th March 2021

Wales is officially open. The stay local rule was dropped and whilst there's excitement surrounding this, it's also six butt loads of anxiety. There is some strange tendency to flock. To gather and fill spaces with unneeded atoms. It seems the moment we are given the green light to go there is no 'taking it easy' on the gas pedal. After months and months of queues and limited numbers, the autism in me struggles with this old normality. Aisles cluttered and places once quiet now loud again. It is a blessing to be one step closer to freedom but I am feeling the consequence. It has been a year of struggle and with things changing again, you could experience struggle in the readjusting. Remember it is okay to find things difficult and the last thing you need is to beat yourself up over the way your body reacts. Remain kind to yourself and those around you. Become a spillway for those drowning. Open your ears and open your hearts, we need eachother now, more than ever. Let's band together.

If we are talking reflection then we should be talking all the times this week you've loved yourself. The times you shook off your own dust. Pulled away your own curtain and faced what was hiding beyond it. For every time you treated yourself because you deserved it, for everytime you took a breath instead of a swing, celebrate it. Reflect on it and recognise how astounding you are.

Caught myself drifting

into the darkness.

Pulled myself back.

Gif O Clock

Now everybody repeat after Paul Rudd

And now let's all repeat after Jensen Ackles

God damn right you are!! Believe it.

Not Quite Classical

This is probably the calmest playlist I've ever heard - it's Sunday AF baby.

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