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The Sunday edition of the hush, hush baby

It's been two weeks already so let's welcome to Form Fortnight. Today we're going to do a poetry form that doesn't exist. I added a couple new ones I invented into mind noise two but this one didn't make it in. I called it 'petal poetry’ - it isn’t really poetry and it isn’t really a form and I don’t really know what to call it but it is reflective and something new so let’s do it. It is inspired by growth and an obvious thing that grows is flowers which is where the inspiration for this stemmed from (pun intended). Essentially we are going to be creating the top of the flower with words. In the middle, you will pick an emotion, a person, a thing, and reflect on it. For example, here is one for happiness:

You could reflect on your week, on your day, on your mother, on your rabbit’s best friend, on your favourite snacks, just create that flower. I have a bunch now, it is has been a private exercise for a while and I especially love how I put them in a folder called the garden. These work best handwritten but I wanted to do a digital one so it was clear. Tell me what you are going to reflect on in the comments and enjoy the rest of your Sunday, homies.


I like to imagine fourth lines for my 3x3s lately and I would probably make this one - I'm really trying.

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these are ultra fun and you should try them and share them with me 🙂

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If life was a bear I'd be a rabbit.

a quiet week

I didn't update the new music thread because it was a quiet week. But here's some dope music.