Thursday, Thankful AF

26th November 2020

Today is supposed to be the subscriber-only day but as it is Thanksgiving in the US, I thought I would send this out to everybody. It is stuffed full of goodies including a micro-zine and an exclusive look at a live performance. Let us get started.

The early sunsets make me happy. I don’t know why fall is my soul mate but we call each other babe and share puddings so the love is 100% real. I like layers and cosy things like hot chocolate and New York Breakfast Tea. I have no idea what New York Breakfast Tea actually is but the tin is pretty and it tastes good with milk & honey. What season are you most thankful for? (See what I did there) And why?

Let’s give thanks

to the skies

that carry us.

I have opened a thread to ALL subscribers. I want ideas for what to post on Instagram. What would you like to see? Come tell me HERE

This is a pre-recorded performance that airs tomorrow. Shhh. The sun was a dick and my internet was terrible but you can hear me, so it isn’t the end of the world. Enjoy.

The second zine is now live too and you can read it by clicking RIGHT HERE!!

This one is only a micro zine, another full-size one will be coming for Christmas. I’ll add Thankful AF to the Zine downloads for subscribers in case people want to put it on their phones or kindles or whatever. Enjoy and have a great thanksgiving (those who celebrate it) and a great Thursday to the rest of you.

P.S Comments are open to everybody today, go crazy.