Thursday, let it rain.

5th November 2020

Muted today. Some strange feeling I can't quite explain. Somewhere in my sleep, I rained but never finished my downpour. Woke heavy and sighed. We could blame the sleep or lack of but is there ever enough sleep these days? Do we ever reach what we need? Let me pause time here, sleep for a few eternities and then we will see if I am ready for this day because right now I am not, I most certainly am not.

How are you all feeling today?

There is a lot in this world to feel and even on these days, I try and remember that this is being alive. That unfortunately not all days can be good. Today is weird for me but it is okay. I am okay. It is just a day that came too soon. Nothing special just unexpectedly punchy. I know there's a lot of weight in this world in this world right now and I know a lot of you are feeling it. So here I am, sending out the special hugs today, I need them too. Here's me and you, virtually doing the special Substack handshake that is code for 'tomorrow will come tomorrow and it is tomorrow's business, let's look after ourselves today, love ourselves and not forget how to breathe.’ I love all of you. Look after yourselves

I'll pull optimism

from its' sheath

and start swinging

This is a draft of a love poem that doesn't have a title yet. It needs work but I like the direction so far.