throw books at me

the hush gets a little quieter in the lull of heat.

What are you reading? There's not a deeper meaning to that question, I genuinely want to know about some good books. I haven't been reading much lately and want to get a little lost. I am still shaking off the summer fog - I don't write much at the start of summer because my brain in the sun equals a giant out of order sign in neon. So I spend the time taking in writing styles and ideas and come out the other side with some crazy stuff. It's a good system. Right now I'm reading Anxious People and it's a great read. I'm very curious with books that push the normal standard of a fourth wall - it is done with narration typically and pulls you into the story but anxious people does it differently. A must read already. If you aren't reading anything right now, what's your favourite book? I want more books. Throw them at me, metaphorically, not in the street. The weirder the better. Tomorrow I am going to unveil a new thing called 'Old Tin Cup' and I cannot wait till you see what it is!


When summer ends

we'll become sticks

lost in friction.

gif o clock

my latest obsession

Until tomorrow, homies.