The Week Ahead

28th February 2021


Sunday's are for looking back and looking ahead. Recognising the highs and lows of all that has passed and putting expectation into the week to come. Tomorrow a new month begins too and February brought its challenges but I endured. I'd be lying if I said this UK lockdown isn't kicking me in the shins but we are approaching an end to the this really long tunnel. I am learning to take these weeks as they come - setting realistic goals moving forward and remembering how much time there really is. So let me quickly sum this up with two questions, comments open to everybody, how are you? And how are you feeling about the week ahead?

I wrote this 3x3 about the week because it was one tough cookie. Like a cookie made of rocks.

Face with faultlines -

heart too heavy

for this chest.

Gif o clock

Scratching the surface on Scottish bands.

I'm going to go crazy with Scottish musicians this week, here's a wee sample.

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