The weatherman

4th January 2021


Today I am putting the stack into Substack. Aka this newsletter is jam-packed and I'm excited so let's go!

First off, I said I would talk about this 3x3 more so let's do that. I had this weird dream like two weeks ago that I made friends with a superhero called the weatherman. And I get it, it sounds like the worst superpower ever because…it is. We have science that does a good enough job at predicting the weather but then, I got to thinking, if we had weather people in our heads, what would they be saying? Mine would regularly say, tomorrow there's a high chance of rain directly from your eyes because I'm a sad boy in a man's body but I picked a positive, uplifting day to form a 3x3 out of. What is your internal weather person saying right now? And what can be done to change that prediction? If you are going to take any lesson from this section, let it be this:

Change your skies.

Defy the predictions

inside your head.

Poetry slam, god damn

I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that this mother fucker dropped this poem on the first round of the slam. THE FIRST ROUND!! He went straight for the jugular.

GIF of the day

To be honest, this is accurately how I feel being stuck in the house and I'm borderline considering thinking about what a super villain would do in this environment.

Listen to these albums

I didn't talk about this band much last year and honestly that's a crime. This was one of my favourite albums of 2020.

And if you're a hip hop head you should check out 99 Neighbours - Television. The sound differs from track to track and there's some low points but overall, it's a solid project. This is one of the more experimental tracks:

but if you went some lyrical shit, hit play on this one. This flow is bananas.

I hope 2021 is being kind to you so far!


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