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Trailing lately. Falling behind myself and finding it hard to keep up with the general aspects of living. Today, I wanted to shed a light on mental health and do a check-in. How are you? Not a brushed off okay or a wishy-washy I’m fine, how are you? The world is still trying to find its rhythm and I find myself lost in its groove more often than I am found within it and I know I am not alone. This last year has been a blur that seems to be catching up with me all at once. The missing and the longing, the wanting and needing all coming full steam ahead. I am finding repair in the routine. Waking up and having a structure. I am finding healing in the certainty. The knowing of where I am going and what I am doing. I feel lots of us are so out of sync with this world right now, lost in the shuffle of self and not knowing who or what we are. It is a stage of relearning. A remembrance that we are not alone no matter how alone we feel and most importantly that we are humans with big dumb feelings that are sometimes REALLY dumb and reek of cheese. There is nothing sadness loves more than that cheddar. We too often hunt for validation for something that doesn’t need to be validated. Today you might feel shitty. Throw on your favourite movie, eat some snacks and forget there is a world outside of the window. There are two important things I have found helpful these last few months. Taking a break and building some routines. A little tiny routine like rowing as soon as I wake up or listening to a happy song before going into a store or watching a Disney movie every Tuesday. You get the gist. Treat yourself how you deserve to treated, with kindness and love. If we were all agents or spies or something, I would totally be all like, your assignment this week is to love yourself Agent Hamhands. We ain’t though so I will just say, love yourself and let’s all give each other agent names and consider downloading a walkie-talkie app for fun and fake missions. Enjoy the last slither of your weekend, homies.


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