the spooks | 19th october 2021

the hush talks about ghosts

As it is the season for socks to be well and truly scared off, I've been doing some pretty extensive, Olympics-worthy Google diving, reading ghost stories, and all scary things. I have noticed an alarming amount of stories revolving around ghosts who cry and yeah, I know I should be thinking - holy spookzilla, that's creepy! But I can't help and think how heart-wrenchingly sad it is. Where ever you stand on the 'are ghosts real?’ argument, for a moment, let's all collectively believe in ghosts and how when we die, we become them. Now imagine dying sad and being sad forever. There was one story about a lady who died in grief and now infinitely grieves. So on the off chance that ghosts are real and our sadness follows us into what comes next, let's do the things that make us happy as much as we possibly can. I read another crying ghost story and in the comments, somebody had said the ghost died of sadness and it was passed off as a joke but I've been to a point in depression where I feel this is entirely possible. I also know some sadness cannot be avoided, however, we must fit as much living into life as possible and leave content at a minimum. Let us squash our beefs and settle our petty feuds and live a happier life without grudges and unnecessary rage. Fill every second with love and squeeze out as much joy as you can. Savor the time you have with people and I truly believe, when we leave we will go without regrets, smiling and what else can we honestly ask for? Stay spooky, homies. I love y’all.


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