the shifting season's edition | september 22nd 2021

the hush waves goodbye to summer with some fall music to finish

I feel the seasons shift. I feel myself long for the layers and thicker blankets. I crave seeking the warmth in cold. I have learned that humans change with the weather. We shift with the seasons - strange how personal climate can be, how moods alter based on temperature. I have never been a summer man. Never enjoyed the weight of heat and I find myself dragging through the summer months. As fall approaches, I feel a familiar sense of alive. It is incredible still how we are lucky enough to have a preference. To be different and be attracted to the different parts of nature. Of life. To find people who like the same but are still monumentally different. What is your favourite season and why? I am a fall fellow, loving the way the cold feels and the scent of the air. There is something romantic about the early dark and the way fog finds its way to us. We are humans, uniquely pulled in by different parts of this world. Let us lay claim to what we love and love it without shame. Be it a season. Be it another human. Be it the way the sun sets on Wednesdays. Be it castles. Be it whatever the hell it is. Love it and never stop doing so.


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