the puppy edition | September 29th 2021

the hush talks about puppies

There is something special about a soft paw on palm to calm the storms that rage inside my mind. I am amazed often by what calms and what creates chaos. How silently we all tiptoe to the cliff edge barely noticing we were that close to the overwhelm. Such small things send me over. Be it a noise or a bright light. And I know that isn't a universally recognisable thing as it is very linked with my autism but we have all been at the edge of not coping and suddenly found ourselves over it. Magnificent really the things that contain the madness. That tuck away the too much and make the world seem manageable again. Be it soft fur or a needle working its way through the grooves of a vinyl record. Magic isn't it how we all tick different? And there is so much difference between what makes our seconds spiral. I have always been calmed by the nature of animals, by the way they nuzzle and fidget. The rhythm of their breathing. Today I ask, what calms you? What steadies your breathing when the air gets thick? Let us share what helps us with the hope it will help others. A puppy cuddle, one of your many favourite songs, or a warm cup of tea. Those are my top three right now (if we exclude Sav because that one is obvious haha) and they're working a treat. Stay steady homies, stay steady.

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And let's not forget those extra dog photos! It is my friend’s puppy and I need one so so bad


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