The Optimistic Train

November 2nd 2020

Happy Monday y'all. Hope the weekend was good. I feel as we are at the beginning of the week we need something gentle and optimistic. I know I started this with a gloomy photo but there's something about the mood in the picture that makes me calm. There's something about the road and just driving somewhere that helps me breathe and stops my heart pacing back and forth in my chest. So let's get this optimistic train running with a few reminders:

  1. Drink your favourite hot drink ASAP and eat breakfast because breakfast is rad and gives you the energy you need to scream into pillows later.

  2. I have no idea who's on lockdown, who is working from home or whatever else but make sure you get some air today. Go outside and just breathe. The outdoors misses your face.

  3. Give yourself a few minutes to enjoy your favourite song. You have earned it.

  4. Remember you are loved and there's a high probability that all those things that you find weird about yourself are actually incredible traits.

  5. The word 'fuck' is strangely therapeutic.

  6. Look after yourself because you are important.

  7. and finally screaming into pillows should only be done as a last resort.

We are a few stations deep on the optimistic train ride so let's keep going with a 3x3 with a naughty little cuss word. Maybe this can be the new Monday Mantra?

Let us rise

so fucking high,

our fall’s eternal.

A song for your Monday

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