The last midweek

30th December 2020

Substacker family!

That is probably the most overused and outdated way I could have started this newsletter but I have zero regrets and would do it again! Also this is the last Wednesday of 2020! The last midweek. How are you all feeling? It isn't easy finding excitement going into a new year when all of the current years problems are very much here and being stubborn as hell but I still have faith 2021 will be better. This year hasn't been a year at all. Days spent practically in hiding and travel a non existent thing. All we must remember is we survived this year and we will survive next. No matter what it may bring, we will survive. Happy Wednesday Substackers! Go find some joy in the last remaining moments of this year, it is out there.

We'll survive this

for we're stronger

than this war.

We'll survive this!

We are braver

than we believe.

Songs of the day

Strangely relevant.

How could I just share one Smith's song?

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