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welcome to the new weekly version of the newsletter.

All things end. Some to begin again as what they were supposed to be from the start. I wish this to be one of those things. Top tip: Hit play on one of the songs below, they're suited to the reading.

The idea behind the name and the direction moving forward is to stand noise in the face and reduce it to silence. It seems the more years that pass, the noisier the world gets. I find myself caught up in more hurry than calm. The hush is all I hunt for and through these rambles, I hope to provide insight or inspiration. The writing is my hush, my escape. So welcome. Hello. To the hush of all things that clang, crackle and thump. For those times your brain feels like the car horn in a library, the hush is here. The weekend newsletter will alter between Saturday and Sunday, this one is merely an introduction, a new hello and I am beyond thrilled to have you here. Onwards we go, peacefully.

Let's find peace

surrounded by love

and pure understanding.

gif o clock

Meaning I have only two GIFs a week now means the selection is going to be tough. However, I am confident I have nailed the first one.

songs to help find your inner hush


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