The Dragon Lands

5th December 2020

For a while now I have been working on a project, a second book as a midway between Mind Noise and Mind Noise 2. We are now 70% there and I am hoping to have this out in January, February at the latest with pre-orders starting very, very soon. As you are all fantastic and I appreciate the hell out of you, here is some exclusive early looks. First off the cover:

This book is literally a load of stories and poems about dragons. Some are human by nature but disguised dragon. Here is a preview poem, it is called, the hardest part:

You've heard the clichés, how we accidentally set everything on fire and sure, we occasionally live up to it but it's far from the worst thing. We land a bit heavy sometimes and our annual damage bills are extortionate. We have those dull moments where we forget the length of our wingspans and we may look all strong and menacing but spiders even scare us sometimes and we become helicopters in a China shop but again, it is far, from the worst thing. Being a dragon instantly makes you the enemy. Unless you're royally connected, you have labelled a threat before any cracks appear on your egg. No pet shop stocks us, not even the small breeds, no human really wants a dragon for Christmas and we are tired of being feared. We are tired of stealing your breath for all the wrong reasons. Fed up of the fables carving the motto beware of the dragons into your minds. May we start again and be given the opportunity to introduce our real selves. Let me put a claw out and say, hello human, I am a dragon and I know my sheer size is daunting but if you give me a moment of your time, you will see, we are just as fragile as one another.

I honestly cannot wait for you to have this in your hands, it is a whole lot of fun. I will keep you updated and I will be announcing it alongside a dragon Christmas poem. Hell yeah. Love ya’ll