The Dark And Gloom

14th April 2021

Some photos I take don't come out as intended. The focus is off or the exposure is wrong or you get a bit of blur but there are the occasional mistake I fall in love with. As I was editing this photo, Sav reminded me how there were a dozen better ones. A collection of photos of the same thing in colour with sharpness exactly how I intended to shoot this image. However, this one is just beautiful to me. I find some strange relation in it, some recognisable gloom and out of focus feeling. It is a human thing to try and produce the best we can at anything we are doing but I feel sometimes, the magic hides in the errors. In the mistakes. In what we have deemed “wrong” - i sense this more in poetry. People too afraid to step out of the invisible box, too scared to make a footprint in some foreign land. Whatever it is you do, if you want to step out of the ordinary, step out. Imprint that shoe sole in the strange mud and think not of what others are doing. Worry not about perfection or popularity. Fall in love with what you make and if it's the one photo of seventeen that is not the best but reaches out its hand, grab it and accept it. We are not perfect and what we create does not need to be. It needs to be you. It needs to be what you are feeling. Beyond that, it does not matter. Happy Wednesday, the emotions of the day are dark and gloom so let's get dark and gloom!!


GIF O Clock

Even death enjoys kicking it with the homies. Fuck, that's dark and way too deep to dive into on a Wednesday. Even dark and gloom keeps a little sunshine in its pocket.

Get Sad

This person took happy songs and made them gloomy as hell. Atmospherically life destorying. I mean any person who can turn Happy Birthday into a funeral song gets eleven out of a possible ten sad points from me.

And here's a sad song that sounds happy