The Black Parade

8th January 2021

It must have been 2007 when the black parade rolled into my hometown. The minutes before My Chemical Romance powered onto the stage were the longest minutes of my life. They played the whole record front to back and sure Gerard missed a few notes and he left gaps in some of the songs and we had to make them whole again but I've never seen an audience so alive. And when they made it to the title track, the one everybody knows, I'd never heard anything more ceremonious. 'When I was a young boy' reduced everybody to shivers and there wasn't anybody without a tear on their cheek. Honestly, an MCR concert required a little work but boy, wasn't it worth it. When the Black Parade ended, they punched their way back onto the stage with 'I'm Not Okay' and honestly, I couldn't tell you if I was. Their earlier songs had a more raw approach and sent the crowd into a frenzy. And today, I am thinking about it. How I miss seeing an entire stadium become unravelled at the exact same time. Thousands of people sharing the same passion in a room and all together singing the songs. Witnessing songs become hymns. I am thinking about the time 'Give Em Hell Kid' blared through the speakers and I jumped into a moshpit and somebody turned my nose into a waterfall but everybody just kept dancing. And not that I want to now but I am thinking about how I haven't had the chance to be covered in blood in a while. I get sad thinking about unity because it feels more like a memory now. Today, I am thinking about that MCR concert and how much of myself I left in that stadium and what I wouldn't give to share a single song in a room of strangers who are immediately connected by the music. What I wouldn't give to relive that one minute of 'Welcome To The Black Parade' and witness a crowd leave their bodies simultaneously. What I wouldn't give to become that sort of ghost.

Let us contrast that write up with a dumb 3x3 that shows off the new style for Instagram that'll be going into effect next week. This is just for fun.

GIF time

In case you don't know what a mosh pit is. It's this.

My Chemical Romance

This is like a love (news)letter to MCR so the songs are clearly going to be by then today

and here's one of my favourite songs off one of my favourite concept albums which so happens to be by MCR!

and MCR broke up and it broke my heart and it changed me forever but we did a mad dope solo record from Gerard called 'Hesitant Alien' and then they sort of got back together and now we are hoping for an album 🤞🤞

Thanks, y'all. Have a terrific Friday. And if you like my rambles and stuff, get more of them for $5 - use a magic eight ball to make a decision and it'll definitely say, do it. It's practically pointless shaking the eight ball when we already know what it's going to say so you may as well just get on board with this lovely community.

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