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The Tuesday, weekday edition of the hush

Funny how some pictures present themselves. I have never met anybody who becomes a photoshoot more suddenly than Sav does. Accidentally falling perfectly into frame. We are all chasing a muse. Something to inspire us enough to make tomorrow alluring. Writers especially need that inspiration. More so, writers need the thing they cannot capture no matter how many pages find themselves stained with blood. And from a photography standpoint, I feel the same. I never manage to capture the essence of the moment entirely and how spectacular is that? That no matter what words I use or what setting the camera clicks into, it is impossible to capture all that she is. Places use similar trickery to a smaller degree. I have never seen a picture of Scotland that captures it in all its glory. And people have tried everything. Every f stop, every filter, every overlay, every setting and nobody has come close. I am attracted heavily to personality and there is so much you can not translate through pixels. You got to go old school, go there, get the t shirt and the mud stains and explore the traits beyond the beauty. However, I will never stop chasing. This is an unedited photo of Sav who randomly stood in a doorway and it made me think of all these things. Of how quickly she became art. Of how uncapturable she is and how magic these things are that refuse to live in a digital world. How some pictures are taken to transport you and nothing more. Go there and make those memories. It is the only way.


Where I belong

is right here

by your side

gif o clock

What's in your cup?

a song to dance to

Happy Tuesday homies. May your week be amazing. And remember I have a bunch more content on Fridays and it's just $5 a month.

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