Take off your colours

15th January 2021

The first time I saw You Me At Six perform, I was crammed into a university hall and the emo era was in full swing. I've been talking about music a lot lately and I don't know why so suddenly the music industry feels fractured when it has been broke for a while but these stories of unity keep coming to me. There is something about loud music and passionate fans crammed into a matchbox and on this occasion, yes, I did start the fire. When you're at the barrier you sign the contract and you know it's going to be a fight. However, on this night, there was no fight to be had, just a release of all the things I had not been saying. Strange, how I forget who I went with but remember the stranger I spent the night with an arm around. The stranger’s eyes when ‘Liquid Confidence' found its way to our bodies and there's a chance we fell in love a little. I never found out his name and isn't it weird how I never had the intention of figuring it out. I don't regret not asking. For what a change, dare I say relief, for a moment to remain perfect after a decade. There's no spoiling it either, he will always only be the barrier boy or the guy at that concert who brought me back to life. I miss this much energy and the random connection between human beings, where the music becomes a backdrop. What's a moment like this you remember? Share your stories, I wanna hear em.

Our bodies connect

like a livewire

meeting the ocean.


Gif O clock

New Album

Today they released their new record which is mad dope and why they were on my mind so check it out or I'll like unlace all your shoes or something equally terrible.

Share Mind Noise by Ash Raymond James