Sunday thoughts

7th February 2021

Somehow, I am still finding new places to bow my head to. New wonder in the strange unfamiliar. Strange because I have spent two decades here and have never not been an explorer but there is still land to cover. Still some unknown learning to pronounce my name. Surrounded by a sound as naked as it was born, mud on my boots and a rainfall that seems to follow me. I don't believe in perfect but this place I call home, almost convinces me otherwise with every rising sun filtered through branch and storm cloud. This place I call home never not defying what I dare call familiar.

Home is different to almost everyday. Some may say it is a person, some a place, some a feeling and some, something entirely different. However, I do think home has one constant and that's this:

I think home

will always remain

a little undiscovered

GIF O Clock

Movie & a song

Last night me and sav watched 'A ghost story' and it strangely incredible. It isn't everybody's cup of tea that is for sure but if you appreciate slow burns and the way things are shot and all that jazz, this movie is probably for you. It's a romance story, I guess. It has some uncomfortable, unnerving moments and some techniques I would love to see incorporated into actual horror movies such as the over stay of certain shots and the prolonged scenes that go on too long but in an engaging manner. I don't want to give anything away but dope movie, see it and get yourself a complex.

This song was in the movie and it's got such an experimental sound, a sort of hubbub (I learnt this word today and it means a busy, noisy situation) of creativity but in the way. Like drugs but cheaper and healthier.

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