Sunday Sun-day

18th April 2021


Today the sun came out and we totally seized it. Found a lake and breathed. This week was heavy and tough to brush off. I am fighting with the pace of these days and forgetting too often to saviour the seconds I am given instead of the falling to the anxiety that comes with them going too quickly. We are lucky to be here. What strength it took, surviving the last year. We deserve to be proud of ourselves and to treat ourselves easy when times get hard. So tell me, how has your week been? How're you? What are you looking forward to this week?

Gif O Clock

My GIFs weren't loading so I had to take a shot in the dark and pick one at random. It's gone pretty well if you ask me.

Let's get cinematic

This week I'm going to share some dope music from movies. Be it scores or hits. But today let's start with Hans Zimmer and his dope score for Batman - this is like 16 minutes but whatever you're doing will feel instantly more bad ass with this playing in the background. Start your Monday morning feeling bitchin’

Until tomorrow