Sunday, Reflection, take 33

13th December 2020

This week, I did some reflecting of my own with this newsletter, with Instagram with poetry in general and the conclusion I met was that I need to stop building barriers and labelling things that restrict the stuff I put out. Essentially, since I started here I have labelled this a poetry newsletter and yes, it is that but I want it to be so much more. Every newsletter will contain poetry but this whole substack thing is going to be more than poetry. Mind Noise is more than one channel. It is poetry, it is art, it is music, it is everything in my mind. So going forward I am going to ensure poetry is always at the forefront but I want the newsletters to be more and more they will be. As for you. What would YOU like more of?

And Sunday comes

like a bomb

that’s already disarmed.

A Poem About Sunday

Sunday, the ocean before the waves wake up. The sky before the grey clouds. The storm merely warming up. The place the snooze button calls home. The nothing to do and the nowhere. The castle before the cannonball. The rest stop before the rioting. For the week is coming and it will loot your sanity.

This is a simple poem but I like it. Write your own little sentence about Sunday and share it in the comments below.

Some songs with Sunday in the title

  1. Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning

    This is probably cliche AF but this is a classic and it always will be. If you don’t know it, I don’t know where you have been living for I am under the impression, everybody knows this song.

  1. Oasis - Sunday Morning Call

This song is from the Oasis album, standing on the shoulder of giants. Liam usually does the Oasis singing but I much prefer Noel and this one is sang by Noel so, winning.

  1. Bryan Adams - Part Friday Night, Part Sunday Morning

Bryan Adams is pretty much a legend and I’m unsure if this is an unpopular opinion but ‘Shine A Light’ was his best album. It was released in 2019 and was his 14th studio album (which is mad in itself) and it featured this song, Part Friday Night, Part Sunday Morning.

An extra tidbit, I don’t like this song but it has the best title ever. One Million Billionth Of Millisecond On A Sunday Morning.

Enjoy your Sunday you beautiful humans. Stay safe out there

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