Sunday, lovely Sunday

8th November 2020

How lucky I am to wake to this. Green hills blanketed by mist. Beyond lucky for my first sight of day being this beautiful. They say love the little things and I respond, how could I not?

I don't work a typical Monday - Friday job. Weekends are workdays too but rarely. Sunday is the day I always look forward too. To bathe in the minimal. It is the day I truly call rest

Let's sip coffee,

call it accomplishment

call it enough.

Yesterday I talked about easy form poetry and that's what you're going to get. I've decided I'm going to put the more in-depth stuff in separate emails to subscribers only. I understand some people are here to just read my poetry, some want to find good poetry, some are here to learn about poetry and some are here for all the above. Going forward I am going to be doing brief poetry need stuff in the main email and putting the in-depth dives into separate ones for the subscribers. Everybody who subscribed has an interest in poetry and my writing so I am aiming to keep that the central part of the main newsletter to all sign ups going forward.

Today's form poem are cinquains. And forget all the other pesky other rules, today we are going to focus completely on syllable count. Cinquains are five lines with the syllable count being 2-4-6-8-2. I will post one below and then you can try one for yourself and post it if you feel like it. Like I said, I'll be putting out a subscriber email later with a deeper look into the form.


preaching for peace.

Bringing calm before chaos.

Encouraging us to sleep more.

Be, still.

Happy Sunday everybody. Please don't do too much. Rest. You earned it.

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