Sunday, looking back.

15th November 2020

Happy Sunday y'all! I thought with this new schedule we could make Sunday communal day/reflection day. Essentially the comments will be open to everybody and you can tell me how your week has been and you can all talk to one another if you fancy it. It can also be a place where you can tell me if you like the new schedule, what you liked about the week, what you want more of, what you want less of etc, etc. So yeah, that's the plan. Let me know if you dig it.

Finish this 3x3 yourself. You don't have to share it but I'd love if you did. Make it your mantra for the week.

May the week

bring you joy

and __ __

Mine would be gentle days because these last few weeks have been pot hole ridden.

Enjoy your week Substackers!! Feel free to request any talking points for the week and I'll do the best I can to bring it up in the newsletters.