sunday doesn't know how to play drum

the sunday edition of the hush

Laziness is a strange thing. It is too often used negatively and rarely positively. Shock & horror, I don't think it is entirely negative. Our weeks are filled with so much bustle and hustle, just trying to make it to tomorrow, didn't we earn this nothing? I look at my parents often and wish they were lazier. Took a day away from doing things and rested their bones. They seem to forget they are aging and wonder where the aches come from. I work hard endlessly, if not my day job, I am writing or designing but even I realise sometimes, we all need a little laziness. Me and Sav took a movie day yesterday, slept in today, and felt better for it. We played basketball in the rain, did a couple dozen sit-ups, and called it a day. Above all things, it is balance. Combatting the busy with the hush. No matter how loud it gets, you must combat it with equal amounts of quiet. We were not designed to continuously move. We must rest and recover. So get busy this week but don't forget to get a little lazy too. You deserve it and will feel better for it, I promise.

threexthree time

When Sunday sings,

it's a lullaby

and an anthem

(Bonus Sav poem at the bottom there. You can see her art on Instagram @savrose art or on her Substack page, the daily doodle.

gif o clock

Got a new obsession with Chow Chows. I relate to this a lot.

songs spotify recommend that i fuck with

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