Sunday, 2nd reflection

22nd November

Hello Substackers!

Sunday is often referred to as the pause, the stand still, the take off your anchors and today has been that. How has your weekend been? How's the week ahead looking? I got some big things coming this week and again, if you want me to cover anything, please let me know. More forms? More threads? More discussions? Debates? As I said, let me know. Have a good rest of the weekend and good luck for the week ahead.

Let us dance

on the ashes

of our sadness.

Here's an exclusive peak inside Mind Noise Two with a brand new prose styled poem

For the cover is stained but the book needs to be read before we call it broken

And she would give the sort of look the heavens give hell when the torture surpasses the curfew. There's no such thing as agreement with something that was born during a storm and she was. The storm of the century, thunder pelting at the windows, born against the wind and been fighting ever since. So you ask why the resilience, why the fight, why the fist on open doors but you see the storm was only the beginning. She was raised in a house hurricanes would decorate better. She was raised in a house with so much racket Richter scales failed to measure the sound. A great man once said, though I cannot remember which one, there is always reason even if it in itself is beyond reason. She is the unreasonable of most but her reasons reach out of the reasonable and they sing like every church on Sunday. It is so easy to pick up the book and forget that what lays in your hands is a whole story, we are a nation of snippets and how dare we judge the girl by her smile or the lack of its existence

Take it easy out there and I'll speak to you all tomorrow.

Love you all.

Ash x

P.s classic rock week was postponed till next week.