21st March 2021


For a second. For a single moment. Stop. Sundays are always reflective for me - a look back and ahead as I've said a million times. I feel the world is so fast these days and we are experiencing consumption at lightspeed. Read a poem today. Listen to a song. Draw something. Do anything but do it with full attention and then stop and take it in. Feel your process, feel the final result. Analyse the song, the poem, whatever it is. And then talk about it here. These moments are yours. Instagram poetry is getting more and more designed to be bite size and consumed at some pace I am uncomfortable with. Tweets are short for a quick bite. Blinkist let's you consume a book in fifteen minutes. We have nowhere to be yet we are racing to get there. Stop today. Take it in and pause to feel it before moving on. I miss video stores. The journey, the renting, the rewinding and now we just hit play. Human beings are becoming highlight reels and I miss us being libraries. Happy Sunday folks. Comments open to EVERYBODY

Gif O clock

This Justin Bieber record is still on replay baby.

This one, my goddddd:

Not Beiber music

Alex turner, lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys is one of the greatest song writers. So left field for rock. Here's proof:

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