Spring Strolls Are Spectacular

4th April 2021

let us bloom

in spring air -

slow and steady

Today, me and Sav woke up and took a walk. Walked off the week. Barely after sunrise with the nights frost still lingering. It is strange to enter the world when it is so quiet, blissful too. You get lost in that sort of quiet but the sort of lost you've been hunting for, that deep breath after a long submersion. We reflect on this day because it is both the beginning and the end, a conclusion I made last week and shared with nobody. However, that is not important.

Today we should look back and ahead. Set some realistic expectations for what's to come and let go of what is done. Yesterday doesn't end until we let it go and it is time to let go, it is time, to let go. Happy Sunday subscribers. Tell me how you are in the comments. I really want to know


I want to start putting my name and website on the bottom of my poems or the top or the side, basically, on my poems. Which design do you prefer? Comments are open to everybody on Sundays so I am totally using that to my advantage. The triangle shape represents A and the circle represents Mars for reasons you will find out about soon. Ohhh cryptic. So which one? Yellow stamp or triangle on its own. Thanks!


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