Something a little different

It's form weekend but with a twist


This weekend I wanna do something different. Instead of me giving you a form, I want you to give me a form and a topic. Whether it is haiku, tanka, 3x3, fib or anything (but sonnets). I will then write them up and share them Wednesday. I am ready for the challenge. Also, here's a picture of me holding my new book which is officially released in ten days!!


I AM tired

of FEELING tired

BEYOND my bones

if you ain't listened to this before, listen

and incase you missed it

Scheme is a weird poem to me. It was an exercise I was doing to simply rhyme words for fun and out of the dozen non usable poems came a bunch of usable lines and the rhyme scheme was born by accident. It was originally two pages long but I trimmed it down because it seemed to drag. Some lines were also too niche such as:

living lavish like Horace Radiche

i don't write rhyming poems because I end up rhyming too much and I guess that's because I listen to too much hop hop but no regrets. Maybe I'll do a scheme two soon with the same process and see if anything is born. I'll update you if I do. See you soon homies.

gif o clock

dance terribly to this song, you've earned it

And I mean terribly. Like so bad people six towns over cringe.


And pre order mind noise two if you haven't! Running low on bundles.