snow day 1996

the hush: snow day storytime with some sadness

Been missing family lately. And as normal as that sentence may sound, I am not seperated from any of them. They are regular occurrences to my every day life but lately, I feel a disconnect. I feel a detachment. I talk about them a lot in my poetry but I cannot write a poem about any of them without tears.

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But I wrote a poem anyway and it needs a few tweaks but I don't want to change it so I won't. This week I miss something that isn't gone and that is a difficult feeling to manoeuvre around. It is difficult to understand. However, as always I have a faith in things working out. I hope you're all having a great week, here is the poem:

The weatherman said it would but we never believed him.

I remember when the snow fell and we ran the way brothers do in those television commercials because nothing sells better than a happy family. And we forgot the dip in the lawn and I watched you disappear like a candle flame in a hurricane. At least you came back then. At least there was laughter to follow. The ten years between us didn't feel as distant as we made snow angels where just last week i played alone. You brushed the day off my jacket and I remember forgetting - that that moment would ever end.

And this band will always mean a lot to me because they always meant a lot to my brother and mum. And this concert in particular, they still haven't stopped talking about it. And there are too many moments that I really wish could've lived forever. And some that died before they even knew what alive meant.

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