she makes me a rule breaker.

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today was supposed to be form day but I found this picture in my gallery and couldn't resist writing about it. Me and Sav went out to a film festival the other day. Outdoors, distanced and amongst people. Back to this old normality - back to the world. We went to a pub, had a few drinks and laughed and it felt weird yet wonderful. I missed the scenery over all things. The eleven pm strolls through woodlands, the cold wind washing over us and the wanders bathed by streetlight. Yet the other side of the coin, you got the people and there is part of me foreign again to humanity. I feel it isn't common knowledge that most of what I am whilst socialising is learnt more than it is for most. The things autism attempts to prevent, I must battle against and in some sense train myself to do. Being locked away from people for a year has done a great deal of unlearning and now, more than ever, I require patience. Sav doesn't flicker an eyelid at my overwhelmingness. Doesn't hesitate to reassure or capture me in the moment and bring me back to earth. And as she smiles at me from across a table in this old normal, every part of me knows it will be okay. And she said something and it fell out of her as a natural 3x3 and today I want to share it. For many may say it is not poetic yet it is the most poetic thing I have heard in a long time. It was all I needed to hear suddenly. It was this and nothing more…


I'm always here

to make sure

you're doing okay

gif o clock

Me, tomorrow.

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