the hush gets a makeover and an in-depth analysis.

This is a long read but an important one. If you have a few minutes, please read.

Been thinking about something a friend said to me recently and about how The Hush relates. We were talking about general things and got onto the topic of brands and self-selling. And the words ‘if you don’t have a clear direction for something, how is anybody supposed to know what they are buying’ felt very close to home. So I looked inward and thought about The Hush. About what it is and why it is important. Let me answer this. The Hush is a silence away from algorithms and social media. It is the building of a community away from hatred and unnecessary efforts. No follow for follows. No like for like. Just us, here, sharing who we are and what we do and being loved for it. I have this vision of having a day dedicated to sharing what you wonderful people do on this platform but in order for that to happen, I need participation. I have this weird thing about selling myself. Constantly feel too pushy and demanding if I push my products into the face of those who read what I do. But I must overcome that. I am not and will not tell anybody they MUST subscribe or trick anybody on board. I want everybody here, willing and wanting. However, I am making some minor changes. Firstly, colour schemes and overall aesthetic. It doesn’t feel ‘me’ enough. Feels bland and not fun enough. I think I focussed too much on the peace aspect of the hush and forgot about the rest. Peace by definition is ‘freedom from disturbance’ and for a long while, I have labeled social media a disturbance. I see so many people giving too much and burning out. Fighting an algorithm, posting daily, commenting everywhere, following for the sake of following and it always ends the same - a post declaring a break. A much-needed one at that. It has even happened to me. I put too much into Instagram, burnt out, and damaged myself more than I should have for a few likes and extra follows. Nowadays, I post when I want and have no pattern. My engagement suffers because of it but honestly, I am happier. That is where The Hush comes in. Getting people on board to give them poetry to read. Music to listen to. To find inspiration and hope. To give writers the tools to become better writers. I know this world is a constant sell and I do not know how I can ever prove my authenticity but I am here to help everybody as much as I can.


Secondly, the format will change slightly. I will be putting buttons more frequently and in between places. I am always upfront about what I do so I will not be different about this. I need more eyes. The more here, the better it is for everybody. If you can afford it, subscribe but honestly, right now free subscribers who chat and get involved would be a blessing so please, share this as far as you can.

And thirdly, post schedules. I am still figuring this part out. I know I want to change one of the weekly newsletters so there is more variety but what to? I do not know. I am open to suggestions. What do you want more of? Less of? Anything new you want to see? Please let me know. I will also be injecting Old Tin Cup posts at random as bonuses. When I feel like writing them or when the words randomly find me. I also introduced hush+ for those who subscribe which will be a place where i read poems and talk about stuff. Basically an exclusive podcast and who knows, maybe I'll even get guests.

I know this hasn’t been the most fun post to read but please scroll down. See the new headers, the injection of colour, and more fun. More me. More weird. Even more, embraced.

Embrace the strange

and never apologise

for your weird.

Strangely similar to what I have done with the newsletter. I used to watch this show all the time as a child and never met anybody who knows it let alone watched it. Ten points if you can name it.


I know YUNGBLUD won’t be everybody’s cup of tea but it would be rude to do a newsletter about embracing weird and now including him and his record ‘Weird!’. YUNGBLUD is an embracer of self with music that is entirely unique. Give these tracks a chance. Some aren’t off Weird! But deserve the mention.

Stay safe homies.

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