Scooby Doo For No Reason

10th Madope 2021


Shame is a bitch. I mean, that's a strong start to a newsletter but sometimes the truth is a bomb. Shame is something you should never feel for the things you love for if it brings you happiness, it should be enough. When the soil begs for water it does not then complain whether it falls from the sky or is filtered through a hose pipe. I see society changing in many places but in others remaining stagnant. Pressure applied to those who stand away from what it classed as 'normal' but I must ask, what in the actual hell is normal? I see bullying and mockery for people enjoying something society deemed not acceptable. I still see people thriving off this troll culture. So today I want to use this space to put out this reminder. You are enough. Don't allow anybody to strip you of the things that make you joyful. And don't ever become less for another person's version of more. I honestly don't remember why I put a scooby doo picture up at the top but Scooby-Doo is mad dope and I won't let anybody sway me otherwise. Bam, tied it in. Stay safe and be you!

Here's another 3x3 not in the form of a 3x3

GIF O Clock

This week I've been extra hungry and i don't know why. That's the only reason for this GIF.

Pirate Rap

Ya heard me right maties! Today we're going to listen to some pirate Rap! AHOY

And here is an acoustic gem.

I also got bored of simply putting the date in the subtitle so I renamed March, Madope. And if ya ain't subscribed, do it because doing gets stuff done. The more you do, the more that's done. Aka I'm terrible at marketing but it is worth the $5 - I promise. I'm so sure, if you email me at - I'll give you a free month. Done deal. Get doing.

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