Saturday morning cartoons

7th November 2020

And a big bowl of cereal!

I know what you're probably thinking, ‘he's not going to write a whole newsletter dedicated to cereal and cartoons right?’ - You bet I am! Because it's Saturday and that's what Saturdays are for. Also yesterday was nerdy as hell and pretty heavy so we're going to take a day and just talk about joy and things. Anyway, cereal and cartoons is an instant nostalgia, of younger times spent smiling without a care in the world. 30 years young and it is a moment of escape for me. I have a vivid imagination and cartoons are pretty much the limitless adventures that contribute to that. Science that can be negotiated. Bodies that refuse to break. Cartoons are a silly joy that never lessens. There are pieces of me scattered through history connected to this very moment, smiling and free from all that weighs me down.

What little joys do you have? Any rituals or infrequent repeats? What always manages to reach in and rip you from your reality for a moment? Tell me what makes you happy.

Let us bathe

in the colours

of endless imagination

Some Music

A lot of these cartoons shows have some dope music now too. Here are some examples of that.

And some are just outright dumb but still mad dope and highly addictive

Tomorrow we're going to do some easy and fun form poetry. Have a nice Saturday.

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