Royal Rumble 2021

Men's Rumble Match

Before I get to the actual predictions, I would first like to rant about the recent decisions to announce number 30 in the men's Royal Rumble. There are certain choices that WWE make that make me question their intentions. Is this a business with the fans highest on the priority list or is money and viewership higher up? The surprise number 30 is a moment that you should never take awake from the fans. Sure there's been disappointing years but there's also been phenomenal ones that stick with you forever. I understand covid effects everything but these type of things need to remain surprises. But despite the numbers, here's the good, the bad and the ugly of the Men's Royal Rumble match, 2021

The good

It's nicely unpredictable this year. Too often these days we come into the event with a clear cut idea of who will win but this year there are numerous names in the mix. Keith Lee, Cesaro, Daniel Bryan, Big E etc. Out of the possible contenders I can see Daniel Bryan pulling this off. With this likely his final full time run, now is the time to capitalise. Although the run up included talks about Big E winning and facing Roman at Mania, his involvement with the IC title makes this unlikely. If he loses Sunday and then appears in the rumble, I wouldn't be shocked if he ended up victorious when the night was done either. Edge being announced also poses the possibility of him finally getting his rematch for the title he never lost. This could be WWE redoing the spear vs spear story but replacing Goldberg with Edge.

The bad

No matter what happens this Sunday, I feel the Goldberg disappointment train will leave the station. If he doesn't beat Drew for the title, I can see them swerving us and putting Goldberg in the rumble and having him win it. With the rumours of a scary ending, this is actually plausible. Nobody wants this but it seems unavoidable. Out of the two options, I'd take him beating Drew. I don't have anything against Drew but he could win the title back in front of a crowd later on in the year, the rumble match comes around every twelve months and is one of the best gimmicks in pro wrestling and doesn't deserve to be spoilt by five minute Bill.

The ugly

When I say ugly, I am obviously talking about a burnt fiend returning and winning the rumble! Although I don't believe the fiend should be in the title picture, there are worse choices. For me, the lack of audience could be used to their advantage and mid rumble match we could be transported to the funhouse and the Orton and fiend feud could play out. Disrupting the rumble match mid point would be different and there isn't another time where it could actually work. If the fiend does end up in the rumble, ultimately there is no need for him to be eliminated or win, there have been lots of superstars who haven't been eliminated over the years and his placement could be simply to advance the story of him and Orton for their final showdown at Mania. As I said though, if Fiend does walk away as the Rumble winner, it wouldn't be terrible and he could go after Goldberg and fix the biggest wrong WWE made when they let Berg beat him. There's obviously the Orton drama to wrap up but I am sure there's enough time between the two events to wrap it up.

Surprise entrants

Without the crowd, WWE might hold back with major surprises, hence why they announced edges involvement. I imagine Seth Rollins will return and maybe Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley in the Woman's rumble match. There's also rumours of Jay White from NJPW, Damien Priest from NXT and Brock Lesnar coming back for the first time since Wrestlemania last year. I hope the show is special and they don't water it down too much based on the absence of crowds. It will be weird without the cheers and the countdowns but it still deserves to be treated as a special show.

Final prediction

It really depends how the night goes but if we somehow manage to escape the rumble without any Goldberg tragedy, the final result shouldn't disappointment this year. I am hoping the mid-match Fiend scenario plays out similar but there is so much good, it will be difficult for WWE to mess this up. Just keep the title off Goldberg and keep him away from the rumble and we'll all have a good night! And although I don't see that happening, we can fill out hearts with some false hope.