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I feel people care a little too much about quality sometimes. There is this invisible pressure for everything to be pristine, 4K and not a pixel unpolished. And I do agree, when we are talking photography, some shots need it but not all. Same for poetry really. I snapped this photo earlier as a curiousity, a wonder of what this moment would look like through fencing and the result wasn't the greatest but I leant into it - I added more blur, more grain, blew out the colours and created this retro image that in my opinion, is pretty dope. I am seeing more of this pressure lately. This demand to be a machine that churns out art daily and this pressure to make it perfect which in turn makes it worse. If it isn't coming natural to you, don't force the product. I have seen plenty of poems that could have been great but were posted prematurely and rushed to fill the quota. Art is art so let's stop defining it as perfection. Take this song for example. It isn't entirely in tune, it is rather basic but I find it on repeat often.

We are under so much pressure in this modern day, it is scary to watch. The Instagram breaks are growing, the need for people to peel themselves away from a platform is getting more needed. If your art is the cause of your grievances, something isn't right. So here is a challenge for you. Take something you cannot do, do it and share it. Show people. If you're a bad drawer, draw something. Use your left hand. Paint if you can't. It's time we reset this expectation. It is time.

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Today I announced the release date for my upcoming book 'Mind Noise Two: The Adventures Of The Kid On Mars' - it will be out 7/14/21. July 14th. But as you're all rad enough to be here, I thought I'd give you the extra scoop. When releasing Mind Noise One I fell in love with the pocket size edition of the book but it was only available for the very limited special edition. This time around, a pocket edition will be available for the first month and here is a first look at the cover for it:

There will still be a special edition in the VHS case and exclusive cover (limited to ten) and in August the normal 8x5 will be released with the cover below:

I am so excited for this release and cannot wait till it is in your hands. Preorders start in June, there's still more to come. And if you're subscribed you'll get 10% off all merch. Dope Dope Dope.

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this new album is actually killer. This is my favourite song. But you should listen to the whole thing.

happy Tuesday homies. If you'd be so kind share this with people you'd think would enjoy it. I'd love to connect

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