read this and then run outside and tell the sky you love it.

the hush weekend edition.

It has been a weekend of date nights. Covid pushed back our two planned things and they ended up back to back. Last week I talked about the upside of laziness and today I want to extend it further and talk about being anywhere but lost in a screen. To share time with somebody you love attentively and without anything else seems to be getting rarer by the minute. I miss board game nights and late night golf where nobody made it near the green but it wasn't about being on par, it was about pulling the laughter from the cage within yourself and setting it free. I will not pretend that I know the correct way to hold a golf club but nobody can deny my ability to grab the night and peel back its curtain. Read this. Put down the phone. Go outside and tell the sky you love it. Find somebody you love and do something without technology. Go on a roadtrip without the sat nav and see where the road takes you. This is the definition of adventure.

Side note: form of the week and weekly prompts start next week.


I was talking about 3x3s with a buddy the other day and explaining how 'we will love' sounds better than 'we'll love and' because ending in and gives it no closure but then I thought, maybe there's artistic license here and a way to break the rule in an effective way. So I did it. Check it.

We fight and

we fight and

we fight and

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I have been doing a bunch of reading lately so I will be updating the reading threads Tuesday 🙌🙌

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See you Tuesday homies 💜