quickfire hush

the hush goes at lightspeed.

Routine is an important thing. I truly believe this. How you structure your day effects your mood and even with the same amount of sleep, ten and eleven can make a huge difference. I have been trying to form a routine, waking up early and walking. Going to be bed at the same time too. Today I want to keep this newsletter short and sweet. A simple thought provoker. Beyond creativity, what are things not currently in your day to day you want to include? I want to start learning Japanese again and this is my August goal. Join me and set one. Introduce something healthy for your mind. For your soul. For your heart. What is something you've put on for way too long? Let us begin.


Running on fumes.

A little smoke

and moon scent.

Too tired. Time to shake the dust.


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gif o clock

On my second watch of Ted Lasso. Favourite show right now.

grunge -oh yeah

And also Jess put out a music video! Check it out

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