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It is strange how time moves on and I don't know whether it's age or the evolution of what's dubbed as cool but I couldn't name a single place I can walk into and hear a punk band unload their shit onto an audience that just wanted a soundtrack to their bloodshed anymore. There was a time you could walk into TJs off the street and if the right band were playing, you could push yourself into the mosh pit and let yourself go. I am the weird kid who believes a punk show is better than any therapist and cheaper too. Or maybe I could just never afford a good one. I don't know a single place I can walk into and ask for the special tobacco and get cigarettes at half price. I don't smoke no more but if I did, where would I go now that Fred was forced to shut up shop? I used to know this city the way the tracks knew the train schedule. When they had to brace and when to come alive. I lived on my own for four years and the only reason I survived was because I knew I could walk into the chip shop on a Friday, serve a few people and walk away with dinner. My buddy used to own a bargain store and still sold me everything at half price. I am on the cusp of change. Ditching my day job so I can invest more into the creative side of my life and survival sits on the tip of my tongue. I know now I have the support of Sav but I can't help but think how easy it all used to be. I could pick up a shift on any day for however long and earn as much as I needed. I don't know a single place I could walk into and get paid straight from the till these days. Call a friend and get a well paid security job for the night, always low risk and boring enough that they didn't want to do it. I have always felt more comfortable without permanence. With come and go. Walk in, earn your shit and come back when you're rested or not at all. I went for food and ended up a waiter more than a few times. Left full with more money than I entered. These day jobs don't suit me and I don't know anywhere to make a quick buck these days so this is a new journey for me. And there is a part of me, a little afraid but dreams don't stop running just because you do. It is time to chase. Time to be happy. And whatever you do, make sure it makes you happy. And if it doesn't, runaway and find something that does. Turn that hunger into salvation before it eats you alive. Happiness over everything homies, happiness over everything.


Happiness over everything.

Happiness over everything!

Happiness. Over. Everything.

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ryan freaking adams

Is my most listened to artist of all time. As all my listening history is tracked I can confirm this is entirely true. With his record coming Friday thought I'd leave some great songs for you to get into. He has many sounds, let's explore some:



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